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November 27, 2001
Penguins CRUSH Devils 6-0
    The Pittsburgh Penguins shutout the Devils 6-0 in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, November 27, 2001.   This marked the third game out of the past five that the Devils were shutout.
    Moran beat Marty Brodeur with a slap shot from the blue line at 3:35.   The goal may have been slightly deflected by Colin White, but from that distance, Brodeur should have been able to stop the puck.   The goal gave the Penguins an early 1-0 lead.
    Alexie Kovalev got a power-play goal at 12:28 to give the Penguins a 2-0 lead.
    The first period ended with the Penguins leading the Devils 2-0.   The Devils outshot the Penguins 8-4 in the period.
    Just when the you think the game can't get much worse, the second period begins..   The first 11 minutes or so of the period, the Devils had numerous good scoring opportunities and seemed to be outplaying the Penguins, but could not get a puck past Hedberg.   Then the Penguins have a two on one race to the puck skidding down towards the Devils zone.   Marty leaves the net to play the puck - which he gets but it's stolen away, and Peterson put the puck into the empty net at 11:56.
    Lang would put a puck past Brodeur at 14:58 of the second period to give the Penguins a 4-0 lead.   The goal also led to Brodeur being pulled from the net, and J.F. Damphousse put in.
    The second period ended with the Penguins leading 4-0, even though the Devils outshot them 13-6.
    Milan Kraft put the puck past Damphousse at 17:15 to give the Penguins a 5-0 lead.   Peterson would score just 24 seconds later to make it 6-0.
    The game ended with the Devils being shutout by the Penguins 6-0.
    Turner Stevenson and Tommy Albelin were scratches for the Devils.

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